Experiences from the field: An online seminar on living and working conditions in Greek refugee camps

FUF Uppsala invites you to a seminar on the refugee crisis and the camp conditions in Greece from an on the ground-perspective. The seminar will take place over Zoom. Make sure to register here to get access to the seminar link.

In 2015, over one million people fled from violence and war in the Middle East and South and Central Asia to Europe, seeking international protection and better lives. Greece was seen as an entry point to Europe and was therefore faced with a huge inflow of people. This was an inflow that Greece, due to issues such as financial difficulties and high unemployment rates, could not handle. Today, many refugees and asylum seekers are stuck in Greece as they are not able to legally travel deeper into Europe.

The invited speakers all have experience of working as volunteers at refugee camps in Greece, and this seminar will focus on the crisis from their point of view. They will discuss their own experiences of being in the field, and issues such as the administrative challenges non-governmental organisations face and the intimidation practices against aid workers and NGOs.

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