National strikes, Human rights violations and a new wave of crise. What is really happening in Colombia right now? Since the pandemic struck the country, like all over the world, the inequalities rise and were shown more than ever. This plus the release of a new tax reform by the government, were the beginning of massive and several demonstrations that made the people go out on the streets. And even though the resistance movement has been national and strong, the government’s response has been violent and negligent, leaving more than 30 dead people since the 28th of April. But how are the Colombians going to solve this crise in a post-war country? And what should the outside countries do to raise awareness about what is really happening?

For these reasons, we have invited three speakers, live from Colombia, to talk about the situation.

The session is hosted by Multicultural, The Swedish development forum (FUF) and Peace Works.

The discussion will be in English and takes place live in Zoom. You need to register here before 09:00 Colombian time/16:00 Swedish time on the 20th of May to attend. The video will later be posted on FUFs and Multiculturals social media.

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