Climate and Crisis in Sudan

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Sudan has suffered from several climate change impacts during the last decades, such as drought, flooding, and rise in temperature. This has affected many parts of the Sudanese society – for example the agricultural sector and the food security in the country. Sudan has also suffered from conflicts around natural resources and land, which have caused marginalization of rural communities.

FUF Jönköping and FUF Uppsala invite you to a lecture about the profound impact of climate change on the people of Sudan amidst the backdrop of an ongoing war crisis in the country. The lecture will be held by Alhassan Mohamed, a Sudanese environment and climate activist who has taught at various institutions such as Manchester and Bonn University. He’s currently a first-year student at the Faculty of Arts in the department of Media and Journalism.

During the lecture, Alhassan will talk about the challenges the people of Sudan are faced with. He will provide a valuable insight into how war, climate change, and poverty mutually influence one another, shaping the lives of Sudanese communities. The lecture is not only contributing with great knowledge, it is also giving the people of Sudan a voice in times where they are being neglected by the world.

When: 5th of October
Time: 17:00-18:00
Place: Zoom and livestream from lecture halls in Jönköping and Uppsala.

Location Jönköping: HLK Jönköping University
Location Uppsala: Uppsala University at Gamla Torget

We will serve fika for those coming to campus!

Registration is required for both physical and digital participation. Sign up through this link before the 4th of October.


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