The environment of lasting peace

There are many challenges to sustaining peace in post-war countries, and sustainable peace is more than absence of war. To build sustainable peace is to promote conditions where peace can prosper. Today, that means dealing with environmental challenges – such as climate change and exploitation of natural resources – as well as social and political issues.

What is the relationship between sustainable peace and the environment? How do environmental challenges – and ways of responding to them – influence other parts of the peacebuilding process? Can environmental peacebuilding make a difference in Colombia?

Welcome to a seminar that will explore challenges to building sustainable peace in post-war countries, zooming in on environmental issues and the ongoing peace process in Colombia. The seminar is co-organized by FUF and the online magazine Mänsklig Säkerhet.

Florian Krampe, Researcher, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)
Karina Barquet, Research Fellow, Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)
Claudia Arenas, Head of Impact and Quality Assurance and former Regional Director in Colombia, Forum Syd
Robert Egnell (moderator), Professor at the Swedish Defence University and founder of Mänsklig Säkerhet

The seminar will be held in Palmesalen at ABF-huset. Fika is served from 14:30.

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