Colombia: Silencing Grassroot Voices

As the Colombian elections loom, violence is escalating in the country. The threat to Indigenous groups is increasing and the operating space for civil society is shrinking. Since the 2016 Peace Agreement between the government and FARC Guerillas, 1322 leaders of social movements have lost their lives. By early February this year, 36 leaders of social movements had been murdered and the armed forces are alleged perpetrators in several cases of violence.

Despite the conclusion of the Peace Agreement between the FARC Guerilla and the Colombian government in 2016, violence, unrest and forced displacement remain commonplace aspects of life in Colombia. The congress elected in March 2022 reflects a complex country with a vibrant social movement on the one side, plagued by violence, clientelism and inequality on the other. This complexity is also reflected in the diversity of candidates in the upcoming presidential elections.

What have been the developments since the 2016 Peace Agreement, what can we expect from the elections, and what role is civil society playing in promoting a stable, democratic and peaceful Colombia?

Welcome to the FUF headquarters on March 30th at 17.30 for a conversation with Laura Juliana Bonilla Pinilla, ForumCiv’s regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean, based in Colombia. ForumCiv supports both Swedish organisations active in this region and local partners in Colombia working with peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights, gender equality, climate justice and rural development.

Attendants at the FUF headquarters will have a chance to meet Laura and be treated to drinks and snacks. Please arrive early so that you have time to grab some snacks and take your seat. The conversation will also be streamed live on Zoom.

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Wednesday March 30th at 17.30.

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