Swedish International Agricultural Network Initiative (SIANI)

Placement: Stockholm

About the organization

SIANI is a Sida-funded network with the mission to inform and develop new knowledge about the importance of agriculture for poverty reduction and sustainable development. By providing information on current research and proven experiences, the network contributes to compiling a broad knowledge base for decision-makers. The network has more than 4000 members from all over the world. In Sweden, SIANI coordinates cross-sector learning events involving actors from government, civil society, the private sector, academia and international organisations.

The network is a vibrant platform for an actualized discussion on the 2030 Agenda and the issues related to hunger, nutritious food, agriculture for economic development within the planetary boundaries.  Through the SIANI youth, SIANI seeks to engage various youth groups to engage more in issues related to sustainable food security.

The SIANI Secretariat has a long experience in leading and promoting dialogue through seminars, supporting expert groups and communication via web and social media. SIANI is an independent network hosted by the Stockholm Environment Institute, SEI, a prestigious global environmental institute dedicated to bridging  environmental research to decision-makers. Doing your internship at SIANI also means taking part in SEI’s exciting and international ambience and  activities.

Internship assignments

Working with SIANI means that you work with  communication arround  one of the world’s biggest challenges; how can we help achieve the goal of no one going hungry by 2030 through sustainable, climate-resilient agriculture? How do we ensure that the world’s precious resources are sufficient to produce food for the world’s growing population? What food should we produce in a smart way so that everyone can eat a nutritious diet without exceeding the planet’s limits?

You will be expected to work with our social media channels, you will learn how to write blogs and articles, update the SIANIs website and help organize our exciting seminars. You will have great opportunities to network and participate in SIANI’s work in different locations in Sweden.

You will also have the chance to work with and develop our youth initiative SIANI Youth, an initiative for young people (aged 16-30) both at home in Sweden and globally. We value our interns’ own perspectives and experiences and appreciate interns who take initiative. As an intern, you will work independently with the support of our talented staff.

You will also have the chance to follow global climate and environmental research at first hand. We offer a dynamic international and multicultural workplace.


Our intern needs to have a genuine interest in sustainable development and poverty alleviation in areas like agriculture, food security, land management, natural resource management, sustainable food production and consumption. We value highly if the intern has an education in agronomy, food systems,  forestry studies or geography. The person should preferably have proven experience in communication through different media, photo, film, social media.

We would like to see a committed person who is curious and does not hesitate to take own initiatives, and who likes to work both independently and dynamically in a team.

Good knowledge of English is a requirement (both written and spoken)

Merit experiences/competencies

  • Experiences  in communication and management of webpages.
  • Active on social media.
  • Additional languages skill in any other UN languages beside English is an advantage.

How the internship is related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The intern will support SIANIs work with  knowledge management and communications to inform its members and followers. The communication aims at amplification and awareness-raising of marginalized groups’ perspectives in sustainable food systems. The intern will support the team to plan and organize inclusive multi-stakeholder dialogues on topics related to transformation to sustainable food systems ans also support community-building  activities for younger members and partners in the SIANI network.

As an intern at this organisation, you will work directly with the following Sustainable Development Goals:

Global goal #2Global goal #17
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