Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)

Placement: Stockholm

About the organization

Stockholm Environment Institute: bridging science and policy

We are an international non-profit research and policy organization that tackles environment and development challenges. We connect science and decision-making to develop solutions for a sustainable future for all.

Our work spans climate, water, air and land-use issues, governance, the economy, gender and health. Stakeholder involvement is at the heart of our efforts to build capacity, strengthen institutions and equip partners for long-term change.

Our knowledge and findings are accessible to decision-makers and civil society: as our own open access material, in leading academic journals, and repackaged for effective decision support.

To promote debate and share knowledge we convene decision-makers, academics and practitioners and engage with policy processes, development action and business practice worldwide.

We are:

  • International: SEI has offices in five continents and works locally, regionally and globally.
  • Trusted: decision-makers and the academic community recognize us as an independent and non-partisan institute.
  • Credible: our research is objective and supported by rigorous peer review.
  • Relevant: our work makes connections across the natural, physical and social sciences, allowing us to take new angles and offer robust, insightful policy advice.

Internship assignments

An intern in the Publications team will spend time assisting the editors in managing the publications flow, posting to the SEI website, and working with the Communications team, for example, assisting communications officers on posting to social media and other products to promote SEI publications.

Tasks could include writing, editing, calendar management, and more. The intern will be able to drive the work according to their interest and capacity.

We expect an intern to attend communications and publications meetings, take time to meet our staff and interview them about what they do at SEI. An intern can take part in generating ideas to improve our work and how we disseminate it.


A prospective intern for SEI Publications is comfortable writing, editing and copy editing in English. Writing and editing in Swedish and Spanish are a plus, as are other languages.

Experience could include working in a newsroom, in a communications office for a for-profit or nonprofit organization, or for a publishing company; writing one’s own blog or maintaining a social media site, personally or professionally; or project management in any setting.

Merit experiences/competencies

Perhaps you have worked with policymakers in crafting legislation and can inform our team how users take advantage of our work. Or you have on-the-ground fieldwork experience with development and want to learn how to communicate that to researchers, policymakers and others. We are open to other experiences beyond editorial work, and we would like interns who are open to learning how to write well and quickly and who want to communicate about science that has implications for the SDGs.

How the internship is related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The intern will have the opportunity to work with publications from research teams working in the SDGs across SEI. Possibilities include promoting policy briefs and reports on social media, writing ”news” or press releases for these publications, and more. The topics and related SDGs will depend on the timing of when research is published or otherwise presented, which requires flexibility and interest in a variety of subjects, as well as the capacity to juggle assignments according to a changing calendar and needs.

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