Global Peace Hub: our first international network for young peace actors

We are happy to announce that FUF is developing its first international network for youth peace actors, the Global Peace Hub. Project manager Emelie Hanna explains what the Global Peace Hub is all about and what it aims to achieve.

What is the Global Peace Hub?
Global Peace Hub is a digital network that will gather international youth peace actors who are engaged in or work with peacebuilding and conflict resolution initiatives on local, national, regional or international levels. The network will consist of around 50 young peace actors from all over the world. The participants will meet on a private digital platform that is designed for the participants’ needs. 

What’s the story behind the project idea? 
FUF strongly believes in the power of knowledge and has almost 50 years of experience in facilitating knowledge and experience exchanges on peace, development, and security issues across generations and for youth. The Global Peace Hub is a project that builds on FUF’s longstanding vision and experience of knowledge exchange. The project’s international focus is natural next step in FUF’s work for a just and sustainable world. 

Why a network for youth actors?
The United Nations, the European Union, the African Union, civil society organizations and governments from all over the world have declared that it is essential to include young people in local, national, and international peacebuilding efforts to achieve sustainable peace. Yet, young people are still excluded from important decision-making arenas where they could influence decisions that have an impact on their future lives and living conditions. Global Peace Hub is a response to thurgent need to increase the meaningful participation of young people and youth-led action in peacebuilding and conflict resolution. 

How will the Global Peace Hub go about contributing to increased youth participation and youth-led action? 
We will make sure that the network contributes to strengthening the capacities of young peacebuilders, partly through knowledge and experience exchanges between participants but also through publications by the network and educational workshops and seminars. Participants will also get the opportunity to strengthen and widen their networks and collaboration opportunities, both across generations, organizations, thematic areas, and hands-on skills on youth, peace and security, peacebuilding and conflict resolution related work.  

Why a digital network?
There are several reasons, a digital platform is accessible to larger groups of people and therefore more equalPhysical meetings are expensive, could exclude participants due to visa restrictions and have a large environmental impact. But maybe most importantly, youth across the globe are the largest demographic group online and have extensive experiences in using digital spaces creatively and innovatively, so a digital platform is really the way to meet our target group. 

What topics will the participants discuss?
The thematic areas and other relevant topics related to the integration and participation of youth in peacebuilding and conflict resolution will depend on the participants’ needs and interests. FUF will facilitate and assist with the methodology and potential educators and/or speakers, but the network and its topics are supposed to be formed organically with the youth actors.  

How can you engage if you are interested in joining the network?
In terms of becoming a Global Peace Hub network participant, a “global peace huber”, stay tuned on our social media channels, FUF’s newsletter, and FUF’s webpage where we will post more information about how to participate in the network.  

I am currently setting up a youth reference group that can help us with the start-up phase of the project. The reference group will give us feedback on the digital platform, the recruitment of participants and help us with sharing information about the Global Peace Hub.  If you believe you could contribute to the reference group, email Emelie Hanna at


This project is possible thanks to funding from the Folke Bernadotte Academy’s (FBA, the Swedish Agency for Peace and Security) support to civil society. Read more about FBA’s support to civil societyhere.

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