Youth & Agenda 2030

What does Agenda 2030 mean and how will we achieve the goals? How do we raise the work we do in Sweden to a global level? And what role do the young people of the world play in this work? On September 10, 2016, FUF and LSU arranged a conference on the theme Youth & Agenda 2030 - local going global with participants from all over the world. In this section of the FUF podcast, we get to listen to the speech and panel discussion that opened the conference. Speakers are Johan Hassel (Agenda 2030 delegation), Hanna Hansson (Concord Sweden), Rosaline Marbinah (LSU), Bosco Aung (NYC in Burma) and Moreblessing Mavhika (NEWAG in Zimbabwe). Josephine Bladh moderates.

Would you rather watch the webcast of the seminar? click here

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