They manifest for all environmental fighters who are murdered

light manifestation

Today's manifestation of light is a way to honor the people who lost their lives in the fight for the environment.

Of: Vsevolod Lukashenok

Today, the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation organizes a light manifestation for murdered environmental activists around the world. In a new report, the organization states that threats to environmental defenders have increased in recent years.

December 10, 2019, News

Feelings of guilt do not create decent working conditions

It is easy to feel guilty when the workers who produced our food receive extremely low wages. But guilt does not solve any problems, writes Vsevolod Lukashenok. Photo: Bernadette Wurzinger, Pixabay

Of: Vsevolod Lukashenok

In mid-October, the global aid organization Oxfam launched a campaign for decent working conditions in the food industry. The campaign had a simple and clear structure - to serve a three-course meal for only 2 kroner. The price corresponds to the sum that the workers who have grown and picked the raw materials receive for the food served. "The world's most unfair restaurant" was Oxfam's slogan […]

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November 11, 2019, Chronicle

Can civil society reclaim space?

But when is disobedience legitimate? How can the conflict between the civil and the state be analyzed? writes Vsevolod Lukashenok. Photo: Takner, Flickr

Of: Vsevolod Lukashenok

Civil society operates in an increasingly shrinking space, state reports from CIVICUS, Forum Syd and Concord. In Russia, Turkey, Israel, Uganda and China, among others, freedom of expression, assembly and organization has been restricted. In order to conduct business in cases where the state monopoly of violence also becomes a monopoly of opinion, activists are forced to use civil disobedience - […]

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March 21, 2019, Chronicle