More people need to talk more about sustainable peace and security

Young people have a key role and should therefore be given a place in the debate on peace and security, writes Veronica Sällemark.

Of: Veronica Sällemark

According to the young people of the world is our biggest global challenge the climate crisis, followed by the risk of a large-scale war. We have a difficult security situation globally. It requires new perspectives and more voices in the debate on Sweden's role in global sustainable peace and security. Young people have a key role and should therefore be given a place in the debate, writes FUF's Veronica Sällemark

September 20, 2019, Debate

Myanmar's climate activists are fighting natural disasters and demonstration taboos

Although many parents are opposed to demonstrations, the young people in Climate Strike Myanmar continue to struggle with climate strikes and demonstrations.

Of: Veronica Sällemark

The climate strike that Greta Thunberg started last year has spread all over the world. FUF's correspondent met two climate activists in Myanmar - a country that is hard hit by climate change.

August 26, 2019, FUF-correspondents

Let the EU invest for a common future without plastic

plastic rubbish on a beach

If we do not reduce litter, there will soon be more plastic than fish in our oceans, the debater writes.

Of: Veronica Sällemark

If we do not do something about littering our planet, we will soon have more plastic than fish in our oceans. EU aid can make a real difference to the environment if we invest in proper waste management and plastic reduction in low- and middle-income countries - not least in Asia, writes Veronica Sällemark.

April 16, 2019, Debate