Strong unions halt the crisis for gender equality

Together, the trade union movement works globally with gender equality, here at a seminar in Benin. Photo: Lina Karlsson

Of: Sofia Östmark

Around the world, more women than men have lost income and jobs during the covid-19 pandemic. That is why strong unions are especially important right now. Together, we can put an end to the serious, historic decline for women in working life, says Sofia Östmark, Chancellor at Union to Union.

March 12, 2021, Debate

Trade union development cooperation is more important than ever

People in India who have lost their jobs are moving home

Lots of people in India's big cities have lost their jobs during the corona crisis. Many have been forced to walk home to their villages. Photo: Rajesh Balouria / Pixabay

Of: Sofia Östmark

Millions of workers and their families are at risk of poverty due to the corona pandemic. Now the world must increase its focus on social security systems and cooperation between unions and employers. To achieve the global goals, independent and democratic unions are crucial, writes Sofia Östmark at Union to Union.

May 28, 2020, Debate