Aid actors have stopped turning a blind eye to trans and intersex issues

A person with eye shadow in the colors of the trans flag. Photo: Kyle, Unsplash

Of: Sofia Karlsson

Trans and intersex groups are particularly vulnerable to abuse, intimidation and discrimination. At the same time, they are underfunded by aid actors globally, despite the fact that the issue has now received more attention and the movement has made great progress. Swedish assistance to trans and intersex organization is a world leader, but many challenges remain.

May 18, 2021, Report

Week 17: New wave of covid-19 in India, Swedish geopolitics and authoritarian regimes

Photo: Firos nv, Unsplash

Of: Erica Frank and Sofia Karlsson

This week, the debate has mainly focused on global health, focusing on India's new wave of covid-19, so-called vaccine nationalism, and how the Indian government has handled the crisis. It has also been written about Erdogan's influence on Swedish history writing and about Swedish handling of authoritarian regimes.

May 4, 2021, Current debate

Swedish development cooperation in Asia and the Pacific one year after the outbreak of the pandemic

Khun Anchana Heemmina heads the civil society organization Duay Jai Group in Thailand. Covid-19 has had major consequences for vulnerable groups in Asia and the Pacific. Photo: Anchana Heemmina

Of: Sofia Karlsson

More than a year has now passed since the covid-19 pandemic broke out. Utvecklingsmagasinet has met Åsa Hedén, head of the development section at the Swedish embassy in Bangkok, to hear how their work in the region has been affected by the pandemic and what they have learned a year later.

April 7, 2021, Interview