Dark image of Sweden in crisis - nothing about Sweden in the world

Sweden must be given priority, the Sweden Democrats' party leader Jimmie Åkesson in his Almedal speech. The picture is from 2017. Photo: News Oresund (CC BY 2.0 License)

Of: Alice Agneus, Marika Ploman and Sofia Brännstrom

When Jimmie Åkesson talks about external issues, it is about migration. How Sweden should act in the world or in collaboration with other states is not mentioned in his Almedal speech. Sweden must be prioritized and "hold together" - among other things through a tough criminal policy.

July 8, 2019, Analysis

"The Liberals must deliver what is needed to achieve the climate goals"

Nyamko Sabuni gave her first party leadership speech in Almedalen, just a few days after she was elected Liberal party leader.

Of: Alice Agneus, Marika Ploman and Sofia Brännstrom

Liberal party leader Nyamko Sabuni's premiere speech on the classic Almedalen stage focuses on integration and the trending climate theme. She emphasizes the importance of action and that the liberals should be the green political force, but mentions few concrete political proposals.

July 4, 2019, Analysis

Therefore, sustainability is not on the corporate agenda

Many companies are on site in Almedalen to discuss sustainable development. The question is whether and how companies go from word to deed. Photo: Sofia Brännström / FUF

Of: Sofia Brännstrom

At the same time as the companies invite to talk about sustainability in Almedalen, climate experts believe that the business community must act faster. FUF's Sofia Brännström has listened to different perspectives on what is actually required for sustainability and action on the companies' agenda.

July 3, 2019, Report

The LGBTQI movement on the rise in a new India

The Pride Parade in Mumbai 2019

From the Pride Parade on February 2, 2019. The picture shows members of the organization Hamsafar Trust, which is involved in organizing Pride in Mumbai. Photo: Sofia Brännström and Isabell Carlsson

Of: Isabell Carlsson and Sofia Brännstrom

Thousands of people attended this year's Pride Parade in Mumbai, India. In the autumn, it became legal to have same-sex sex - a great victory for the LGBTQI movement. But there is still a lot to do to achieve a tolerant India, the pride participants say. The rainbow flag flutters proudly in the air and adorns make-up faces and placards. Around the parade are police […]

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March 5, 2019, FUF-correspondents