Use the power of action from the corona pandemic to the climate threat

The young people in WWF Sweden Youth

The debaters in WWF Sweden Youth think that we should act forcefully for nature and the climate. Photo: Bernhardina Hörnstein

Of: Amin Ben, Anne Marge Andersson, Elin Linderborg, Ismail Abdullahi, Jennifer J. Daun, Lova Eveborn, Luca Berardi, Mattias Finndin, Mohamed Guled, Perav Remazan, Rojda Temur and Sara Tingström

Covid-19 has put us in a global crisis where everyone has had to act quickly and forcefully. The changes show what we can achieve when individuals, companies and authorities work together in difficult times. The same action must be used to save our planet, write 13 activists in WWF Sweden Youth.

May 20, 2020, Debate