Debaters demand action when Hungary becomes a dictatorship

Viktor Orbán

Under a new law, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán can govern the country entirely himself, without obtaining parliamentary approval. Photo: European People's Party (CC BY 2.0)

Of: Sarah Hyde

The corona pandemic has strengthened anti-democratic movements in several places. It is clearest in Hungary, where Viktor Orbán now controls himself for an indefinite future. The message from this week's debaters is unanimous: the EU must act vigorously against the dictatorship's Hungary.

April 2, 2020, Current debate

"Global emission reductions must be the overriding goal of policy"

The international perspective must permeate all Swedish climate policy, write nine researchers at DN Debatt.

Of: Sarah Hyde

Sweden's climate policy has continued to be debated on several opinion pages during the week. Some want the international perspective to permeate Swedish climate policy, others that large-scale environmental damage should become an international crime. The EU's role in the US-Iran conflict has also been discussed.

January 16, 2020, Current debate

"Culture and leadership pages have been completely silent"

Today's ETC lead writer Somar al Naher is critical of the lack of interest in the uprising in Iraq, both from the Swedish left and from the journalist corps.

Of: Sarah Hyde

This week's debate has called for support from several quarters for the fight for democracy - in both Iran and Iraq as well as Hong Kong. At the same time, Sida is responding to criticism of the assistance provided in the form of cash benefits to the very poorest.

November 27, 2019, Current debate

Debaters question Sweden's cooperation with dubious democracies

Following last week's elections in Bolivia, President Evo Morales is accused of electoral fraud. Several liberal debaters are demanding that aid to the country be stopped. Photo: Sebastian Baryli, Flickr

Of: Sarah Hyde

During the week, several debaters have expressed concern about Sweden's cooperation with states that do not respect human rights and democracy. Swedish arms exports to Colombia, aid to Bolivia and trade agreements with Cuba. There are some issues that have been debated. 

October 30, 2019, Current debate

Forward and backward for the right to abortion in the world

In many parts of the world, the right to abortion is increasing, but US aid policy is giving new impetus to abortion critics. Photo: Monica Melton / Unsplash

Of: Sarah Hyde

The right to abortion has become stronger in many low-income countries, according to Pia Engstrand at the development agency Sida. At the same time, abortion opponents have been given new impetus by the United States' anti-abortion aid policy.

July 2, 2019, News

Greenpeace demands an emergency for the climate

In connection with a climate policy debate in the Riksdag, Greenpeace carried out an action at the Riksdag. Photo: Jana Eriksson / Greenpeace

Of: Sarah Hyde

Contrary to all targets, Sweden's greenhouse gas emissions increased last year. Greenpeace now demands a national emergency for the climate. The Climate Policy Council and the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation want sales of fossil fuels to be stopped.

May 28, 2019, News