Test your strategies for global development

The game plan in Impact Strategy

In the game Impact Strategy, the player moves around the globe and tries to accomplish one or more of the global goals.

Of: Rosemarie Wolf

Natural disasters, corruption, cultural clashes and poor communication. These are just some of the challenges that you may encounter when working with international development partners. Understanding these challenges is important for achieving the global goals. In the game Impact Strategy, you get to test your strategies yourself.

July 10, 2020, Interview

Abortion may soon become legal in Argentina

Demonstration for abortion in Argentina

Hundreds of thousands of people have demonstrated for free abortion around Argentina since 2017. Photo: Lara Va (CC BY-SA)

Of: Rosemarie Wolf

In Argentina, women are only allowed to have an abortion when their lives are in danger or when they have been abused. But after massive demonstrations, the Argentine president is expected to present a bill on free abortion. Something that could lead to a turnaround throughout South America.

April 30, 2020, News