The government's aid policy platform: Unserious all the way

Of: Petra Flaum

In its change in development aid policy, the government applies frivolous methods that do not befit Swedish democracy. The opposition contributes to legitimizing the government's methods by not pointing out the constitutionally razor-sharp differences between letters and bills, while officials do not dare to comment on the issue. It writes Petra Flaum, policy and development strategist

May 14, 2014, Debate

Let's discuss PGU for real!

Of: Petra Flaum

Since 2008, the government has been violating the Vienna Declaration on the Indivisibility of Human Rights by prioritizing civil and political rights over social, economic and cultural rights in the "new PGU". The same priority can be discerned in the new development assistance policy objective that the government is now proposing. The message of domestic and development policy is that it is the duty of individuals to meet their needs for health, education and work - not the government's. It is time to discuss PGU seriously, says policy and development strategist Petra Flaum, current with a new book about PGU,

November 14, 2013, Debate