Reply: Intermediate or not?

Of: By Byman

Intermediaries like Radiohjälpen make it easier for charity donors and we can set quality requirements that would be impossible for individual donors to demand. It writes Per Byman, Secretary General of Radio Aid in a reply

December 10, 2013, Debate

Reply: "We do not portray children as helpless victims"

Of: By Byman

The concept of fundraising galas is not without its problems and it may seem strange to arrange a glamorous event focusing on other people's misery, but tonight's gala "Children of the World" is a tool for fundraising and education. The purpose is not to convey an image that "we" are before "them" or to arouse feelings of guilt by portraying helpless children, writes Radio Aid's general secretary Per Byman in a reply.

October 11, 2013, Debate