Mixed view on mixed financing

Aid used to increase private investment is usually called mixed financing. Mats Hårsmar writes about the reactions to a new report on the subject.

Of: Mats Hårsmar

How to get the most possible development effect from international aid - which, despite its size, is a limited resource? So-called mixed financing is a form of development cooperation that donor countries look at differently, writes Mats Hårsmar. He has project-led a new report on the topic from the Expert Group for Development Aid Analysis.

March 10, 2020, Guest chronicle

Land focus: The major development aid reform?

Of: Göran Holmqvist and Mats Hårsmar

One of the more talked about reforms of Swedish development assistance during the past term of office was the decision to focus on a smaller number of partner countries. It was a reform that was welcomed not least by the development assistance administration. Increased focus enables increased efficiency and thus probably better results from development assistance. Three years later, it can be stated that the geographical fragmentation of Swedish development assistance is largely unchanged.

November 24, 2010, Debate