Government's silence unsustainable: A clear message about continued Swedish long-term development support to Sudan is needed

Of: Bo Forsberg, Elizabeth Dahlin, Erik Lysén, Leif Zetterlund, May Britt Theory, Niclas Lindgren, Peter K Sjogren and Sofia Walan

The government's silence in relation to the major development and humanitarian needs in Sudan is unsustainable. When Sweden's voice for support for a peaceful development is most needed, both political will and a clear direction seem to be lacking. This is deeply worrying. The government should present a strategy for how continued Swedish support for Sudan should be designed to contribute to long-term peace and development in the country and throughout the region, according to representatives of Diakonia, International Aid Services, the Christian Peace Movement, Life & Peace Institute, Operation 1325, PMU, Save the Children and the Church of Sweden

February 25, 2013, Debate