The back of the minerals - conflicts, child labor and rape

Miners in eastern Congo. Photo: Enough Project.

Of: Louise Christianson

What do your mobile phone, your refrigerator and your computer have in common? In addition to making your everyday life easier, they also support conflicts in different parts of the world. Namely, they are made up of metals and minerals whose extraction contributes to conflicts, which has therefore been called "conflict minerals". Therese Sjöström, who is a researcher at Swedwatch, has visited mines […]

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September 24, 2019, Chronicle

Climate change - change or paralysis?

Can the shame of air travel and meat-eating create positive change? The climate movement Fridays for Future is an example of action. Photo: Hans Christiansson

Of: Louise Christianson

Words like meat comb, fly comb, multi-child comb and SUV shame are becoming more common. Some change their lifestyles to make it easier to live with their climate shame, while others seem to become passive. Can shame create change - or is it rather paralyzing?

July 7, 2019, Report

"The way forward is spelled more cooperation"

Collaborations, technology and a working individual are Annie Lööf's recipes for a safe and sustainable world. Photo: Center Party

Of: Deborah Solomon, Elin Haglund and Louise Christianson

In her Almedal speech, the Center Party's Annie Lööf gave a gloomy picture of the world around her, with insecurity and climate change in focus. But with the help of technology, collaborations and a working individual, much can be improved, she said.

July 5, 2019, Analysis

"Green is not just a color, it is an attitude"

The Green Party's Per Bolund was the first of the party leaders to give his speech in Almedalen. Photo: FUF

Of: Deborah Solomon, Elin Haglund and Louise Christianson

The Green Party was the first to present its party leadership in Almedalen. Biodiversity, consumer culture and extreme weather were recurring themes during the speech. Per Bolund's solution to environmental problems is based on man's ability to change - and a change with the help of the environmental party's policy.

July 1, 2019, Analysis