Reply: More research collaboration - more capacity

Of: Lisa Roman

Knowledge and contributions from researchers, even from academically weak countries, are central to identifying relevant problems and solutions to global challenges. Therefore, strengthening research capacity in low-income countries should continue to be the focus of Swedish research cooperation in development assistance, writes Lisa Román, research secretary at Sida, in a reply.

August 22, 2016, Debate

Lack of knowledge in development assistance structures!

Of: Lisa Roman

REPLY Joakim Stymne paints a very positive picture of the government's reforms of development aid and Fredrik Segerfeldt interprets development aid research too ideologically. Sida has been underdeveloped in terms of follow-up and analysis of results, while Minister for Development Aid Gunilla Carlsson's mistrust of the aid's implementers has hampered constructive improvements. What is missing is a management culture that systematically takes advantage of knowledge. That is the opinion of Lisa Román, freelance writer and former head of Sida's unit for development analysis.

October 17, 2011, Debate