Ecuador's indigenous peoples marched to demand results from the government

Of: Linnea Kronebrant

On November 27, 500 people from various indigenous communities and organizations embarked on a joint trek from Puyo in the Amazon to the capital, Quito. Along the way, more and more people joined, and two weeks later, about 10 people marched into Plaza Grande, Quito, the final destination of the march, to meet Ecuador's President Lenín […]

June 11, 2018, FUF-correspondents

Valuable nature and indigenous territories are threatened by mines

Of: Linnea Kronebrant

The Ecuadorian government pursues an aggressive extraction policy and mining concessions, permits to conduct mining activities, spread over large parts of the country. The new mines affect both indigenous territories and nature reserves - and at the same time the people who are fighting to preserve the vital water and forests are portrayed as "development opponents" and "mafia" by the state. Ecuador has already been hit by the […]

February 27, 2018, FUF-correspondents