Is the climate crisis racist?

Karl-Anders Larsson, freelance writer and member of FUF's book club, reviews the book Climate Change is Racist, written by Jeremy Williams.

Of: Karl-Anders Larsson

The book Climate Change is Racist claims that the causes and effects of the climate crisis are mainly linked to racism. But is it not more about inequality? It writes Karl-Anders Larsson, independent writer and member of FUF's book club.

May 23, 2022, Review

China is everywhere

Karl-Anders Larsson, now retired and independent writer who is active in FUF's book club, presents the book "The Hidden Hand" - about China's economic strategies.

Of: Karl-Anders Larsson

All people today are affected by China's development. To understand the big issues today and in the future, it is necessary to study the Chinese system. This applies to economic and political issues and perhaps most of all climate and environment. China is always the biggest.

January 5, 2022, Review

Democratic aid to Cambodia is not in vain

Civil society in Cambodia has been strengthened with the help of Swedish aid. That is the opinion of the debaters who have evaluated 20 years of aid to the country.

Of: Henny Andersen, Joakim Öjendal and Karl-Anders Larsson

Swedish democracy aid has had a positive influence in Cambodia, despite the country's government becoming increasingly authoritarian. It is written by Henny Andersen, Karl-Anders Larsson and Joakim Öjendal, authors of a unique study that looks at support over a 20-year period.

June 25, 2019, Debate

Aid does not cause corruption in Cambodia

Of: Karl-Anders Larsson

Corruption in Cambodia existed long before aid was planned, but the influx of aid funds affects corruption and its effects. Short-sightedness and a lack of understanding of power relations make development a contributing factor. But for effective and situational assistance, it is possible to contribute to the fight against corruption, writes Karl-Anders Larsson, former embassy councilor in Cambodia.

July 14, 2016, Debate