We must join forces against the proliferation of weapons

The uncontrolled flow of small and light weapons has serious consequences around the world, the debaters write. Photo: Pixabay

Of: Anders Ankarlid, Karin Enström, Karin Olofsson, Martin Nihlgård and Olle Thorell

Over a billion small and light weapons are circulating around the world, many of which are illegal. The existence of illegal weapons is directly linked to conflict, terrorism, organized crime and violence against women. Now politicians, companies and civil society must work together to reduce the spread of weapons in the world, several debaters write.

December 17, 2019, Debate

Gap between ambition and budget for sustainable peace

Of: Karin Olofsson and Maria Andersson Willner

During the autumn, the government presented a strategy for sustainable peace, which emphasizes that the uncontrolled proliferation of small and light weapons is a threat to global security and an obstacle to sustainable development. The ambition to invest in reducing the spread of these weapons in development cooperation is very positive and must now be clearly reflected in the budget, states Karin Olofsson and Maria Andersson Willner from the Parliamentary Forum for Light Weapons issues.

November 29, 2017, Debate

We must limit the availability of weapons to build peace

Of: Christer Winbäck and Karin Olofsson

Small and light weapons kill 1368 people every day. It is high time to highlight the importance of weapons in fueling conflict and violence. And it is time to strengthen the preventive work against armed violence in development cooperation, write Karin Olofsson and Christer Winbäck from the Parliamentary Forum for small and light weapons issues.

November 26, 2015, Debate