The development aid policy platform is strongly ideologised

Of: Anders Nilsson, Gunilla Åkesson, Jonas Ewald and Kajsa Johansson

The government's development aid policy platform, which is now being consulted, is strongly ideologised and analytically deficient. That is the opinion of Jonas Ewald, Kajsa Johansson, Anders Nilsson and Gunilla Åkesson at Linnaeus University, who recently submitted their consultation response.

February 19, 2014, Debate

The arbitrary attacks of DN and SVD are poorly substantiated

Of: Kajsa Johansson

Two lead writers have taken the lead in the development aid debate recently. DN's Carl Johan Von Seth asked the question whether the government and the opposition really want to know what development aid leads to and Minister for Development Aid Gunilla Carlsson's turn in the question of the one percent target was criticized by SVD's Siri Steijer. Kajsa Johansson is now replying to the Swedish Afghanistan Committee with two counter-questions: Why would we not want to know what the aid leads to and are there occasions when SVD's employees are also prepared to change their minds?

August 23, 2013, Debate