New service makes it easier to set requirements for sustainability in public procurement

Easier to set requirements in the procurement of clothing with a new service. Photo: Rab Lawrence, Flickr.

Of: Josephine Hagby

Through public procurement, it is possible to set requirements for sustainable business. But with today's complex supply chain, it is difficult to know when requirements should be set. But now the Procurement Authority has developed a service with the aim of simplifying and clarifying where in the ranks risks are.

May 6, 2021, News

Increasing inequality in the wake of the pandemic

Covid-19 risks not only increasing the spread of viruses, but also increasing inequality in the world. Photo: Judith B, Flickr

Of: Josephine Hagby

In January, Oxfam released its report The Inequality Virus, which addresses the trend of increasing global inequality as a result of the covid-19 pandemic, a trend that is hitting those already most hard hit. Without well-targeted measures, the restoration risks taking up to a decade.

April 9, 2021, News