Lockdown, racism & privileges in Paris

Photo: Johanna Lagerlöf.

Of: Johanna Lagerlöf

During the ongoing pandemic and impending lockdown, I left Paris this spring, which has been my home for the past few years. Being in a lockdown or not was the question, where I thought "not" and could easily take me to Sweden and family. During the time I lived in Paris, I also never encountered any obstacles or restrictions when […]

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November 26, 2020, Chronicle

Textile factory workers in Bangladesh are exposed to further insecurity and insecurity 

The textile industry is particularly vulnerable during the corona pandemic. Photo: Canva.com.

Of: Johanna Lagerlöf

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, global fashion companies canceled orders worth billions of US dollars from Bangladeshi producers. Along with global lockdowns, many factory workers have lost their jobs and have difficulty coping with everyday life. "Our factory is struggling to survive," said Gabriel Adhikary, managing director of a small textile factory in Dhaka.  

November 26, 2020, Report