We facilitate review of development assistance

Of: Joachim Beijmo

The reformulated assignment for OmVärlden does not prevent the Sida-funded newspaper from reviewing the development assistance. However, it must primarily be the task of other newsrooms to review the development assistance, as OmVärlden can never be perceived as completely independent as long as Sida owns the brand. It writes Sida's communications manager Joachim Beijmo

December 16, 2014, Debate

Open letter to Aftonbladet's editor-in-chief

Of: Joachim Beijmo

As editor-in-chief, how have you reasoned about columnist Elisabet Höglund's claims that poor countries have received "billions" in aid, that Africa has "boundless poverty and misery" and that it stands still in countries that are actually moving in the right direction? Sida's communications manager Joachim Beijmo asks that question in an open letter to Aftonbladet's editor-in-chief Jan Helin.

October 22, 2013, Debate