Killer robots - the self-propelled weapons of the future

Killer robots could become the self-propelled weapon system of the future unless an international ban takes effect. Photo: Campaign to stop killer robots

Of: Jill Karlström Thunberg

Killer robots act without human control and violate international law. The robots increase the likelihood of war and discrimination against certain vulnerable groups. An international ban can counteract the development of killer robots, but this process is complicated by the current tense geopolitical situation and Sweden's passive attitude, according to several experts in the field.

May 12, 2021, Report

Boko Haram's banking system is financing deadly terrorist attacks

Boko Haram lends money to local people in exchange for fees and an ownership stake. This is a way to finance the terrorist organization's deadly attacks. Pictured: The result of the Boko Haram bomb attack in the city of Jos in Nigeria, 2014. Photo: Diariocritico de Venezuela. Source: Flickr.

Of: Jill Karlström Thunberg

The terrorist organization Boko Haram works like a bank that invests in smaller villages in Nigeria. This finances the deadly attacks and kidnappings that have plagued the country for almost 12 years. A major underlying cause of the problem is the local population's lack of confidence in the government.

April 16, 2021, News

Week 13: Now Sweden and the rest of the world must stop the violence in Myanmar

Of: Jill Karlström Thunberg and Wintana Abraham

Over the past week, the UN has once again condemned the violence in Myanmar. The EU has now introduced stricter restrictions on the military junta and the development aid debate has affected Sida, which has granted SEK XNUMX million to those fleeing the regime's attacks. At the same time, the demonstrations continue around the country, but this week with an Easter egg theme.

April 6, 2021, Current debate