The EU's war against the tech giants could be fatal

The European Commission, headed by President Ursula von der Leyen, has targeted tech giants such as Google and Apple. And the EU's constant war against the tech giants creates a bad reputation among technology companies, writes Jakob Kerren, FUF correspondent based in Brussels. Photo: EU Parliament. Source: Wikimedia commons.

Of: Jakob Kerren

Brussels has repeatedly collided with de global the tech giants. Ofta justified. But the EU should try to shake things up av sig the anti-technology image if you want to have a chance at it the race om the future 

June 7, 2024, FUF-correspondents, Chronicle

Week 22: Migration in focus as debaters set their sights on the EU elections

During the past week, several debaters have written about the EU's migration pact. Some defend the pact and say it will reduce immigration, while others criticize it and say it could contribute to more deaths at sea. Photo (left): Canva. Photo (right): Commander, US Naval Forces Europe. Source: Flickr.

Of: Jakob Kerren

The week before the EU elections sailed EU's migration pact back on the debate pages. The Pact severely criticized by several pkribent, who believe that it undermines the right to asylum and contributes to abuses against refugees. The Migration Pact chief negotiator, Thomas Tobe (M), mean However, that it is a step in the right direction towards lower immigration to Sweden and Europe.  

June 3, 2024, Current debate

The EU is torn between its farmers and support for Ukraine

Margarethe (left) and Alice (right) are both beef farmers from the Netherlands. They have gathered in Brussels with other farmers to demonstrate against the EU's free trade agreement with Ukraine. Image: Jakob Kerren.

Of: Jakob Kerren

Intensive peasant protests has put EU politicians under pressure. The farmers are angry about the Union's free trade agreement with third countries. The problem is only that one of the the countries are Ukraine - who need every penny in the war against Russia.  

May 13, 2024, FUF-correspondents, Report