Sida cannot outsource the country knowledge

Map with magnifying glass

Of: Göran Hyden

In recent years, the development agency Sida's task has been to move and manage money. There is no time left for what makes development assistance more effective - to gain knowledge and understanding of the environment in which development assistance is to be integrated. This is what Professor Göran Hydén writes, who is now proposing an internal investigation.

July 2, 2020, Debate

Democracy support for Africa needs to be reshaped

Election posters on Yoweri Museveni

Politics in Africa works differently than in Europe, writes Professor Göran Hydén. Here are election posters in Uganda ahead of the 2011 election. Photo: Gabriel White (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Of: Göran Hyden

Thirty years have passed since the waves of democracy swept across the earth. It was the third in the order and differed from previous waves by hitting all continents. There are reasons to review the results. Its influence remains strongest in Latin America and Eastern Europe, where military and communist dictatorships have given way and democracy, albeit threatened, is now […]

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January 9, 2020, Guest chronicle

New challenges for Swedish foreign and development policy

Of: Göran Hyden

The global arena's new balance of power and dynamism entails challenges for Swedish foreign and development policy. Respect for universal human rights seems to have diminished since the 1990s and is being challenged by new African, Arab and Asian institutions that do not want to submit to the UN on these issues. Much of what Sweden has fought for in multilateral contexts is at stake, says Göran Hydén

September 24, 2014, Debate

Give Africa time and space to develop

Of: Göran Hyden

During the African-American summit "US-Africa Leaders Summit", Anders Borg will discuss how development-promoting institutions in Africa can be promoted. In these discussions, it is often overlooked that democracy and development rarely go hand in hand. That democracy and human rights should be prerequisites for development is more an expression of wishful thinking than objectivity. It writes Göran Hydén, professor emeritus of political science and African connoisseur.

August 6, 2014, Debate

Should we care about the effects of development aid?

Of: Göran Hyden

The importance of the evaluations that lead writer Carl Von Seth calls for more of has been exaggerated in Sweden and other donor countries in recent years. It is not possible to circle all the factors that determine the effects of development assistance, writes Professor Göran Hydén in a reply.

August 21, 2013, Debate

Broaden knowledge acquisition in development assistance!

Of: Göran Hyden

In the pursuit of measurable results, the recipient countries are considered gigantic laboratories. Evaluations commissioned by aid bureaucrats are of little use. A more holistic perspective is needed, but neither the Ministry of Foreign Affairs nor Sida has the capacity for this. An advisory committee of researchers is a way forward, writes Göran Hydén, professor emeritus and development aid researcher.

February 21, 2012, Debate

After Busan: a new aid paradigm?

Of: Göran Hyden

If the statement from the high-level meeting in Busan is fulfilled in practice, multilateral donors will have greater influence over development assistance and the exercise of political power, rather than expertise, will determine the results achieved. More politicized assistance at the expense of technical know-how raises questions about Sida's future. It writes Göran Hydén, researcher and consultant.

December 22, 2011, Debate