The question is not how much you earn - but what you actually do.

Of: Gerda Larsson

Last week, the newspaper Omvärlden released its annual review of executive salaries in the development assistance industry. Once again, the question of compensation levels falls on the agenda, but what exactly is a reasonable compensation for employees in the non-profit sector or who work with development assistance? Charity Rating considers this to be an incorrectly worded question.

April 30, 2014, Debate

Reply: Impossible for donors to predict and influence Musikhjälpen's choice of project

Of: Gerda Larsson

The music help does not give donors the opportunity to influence which projects are supported with the money raised, either before or after the collection. In addition, the donors' opportunity for their own follow-up is made more difficult by the fact that the feedback from the projects to Radiohjälpen is difficult to find. It writes Gerda Larsson, Charity Rating, in a reply.

December 12, 2013, Debate