Debaters want to see increased support for Ukraine for Sweden's security

Several debaters call on Sweden and Europe to increase support for Ukraine. Pictured (left): Sweden's Minister of Defense Pål Jonson (M) and NATO's Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană. Photo: NATO. Source: Flickr. Photo (right): Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. Source: Flickr.

Of: Fleur Riller Loins

Sweden must increase the support to Ukraine for to protect Europe and Sweden security. That mean several of that walked of the week debaters.  

April 30, 2024, Current debate

Maternal mortality in the world is decreasing - but inequality remains

Global work on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) is progressing, but there are still major differences in the global North and global South, according to a new UN report. Photo: MarijoAH12. Source: Wikimedia commons.

Of: Fleur Riller Loins

Since the year 2000, the rights of women and girls have been strengthened all over the world. Education, improved maternity clinics and increased access to contraceptives have led to a 34 percent reduction in maternal mortality since the turn of the millennium. At the same time, there is a big difference in sexual and reproductive rights in the global north and global south. It shows one new report by the United Nations Population Fund UNFPA.

April 25, 2024, News

Week 12: Debate on the government's climate policy and the aviation tax

Both the aviation tax and the importance of anchoring climate policy with the people have been debated over the past week. Image (left): Random institute. Source: Unsplash. Image (right): Markus Spiske. Source: Unsplash.

Of: Fleur Riller Loins

On March 21 surrendered Climate policy the Council without annual assessment av the government's climate policy. Reports has awakened reaction and several debaters has under it walked week discussed climate policyen i both Sweden and Europe.  

March 25, 2024, Current debate

Culture is threatened when slum areas in India are rebuilt

Dharavi, a slum area in southwest Bombay, is to be upgraded into modern apartment complexes. Many believe that it can have positive effects on living conditions in the area, others are worried that Dharavi's cultural heritage will be neglected. Photo: Andrey Armiagov. Source: IStock.

Of: Fleur Riller Loins

One of the world's largest slums in Bombay to be equipped i a new property project. The goal is for the area to become both cleaner and safer. But local residents are worried that their culture will be neglected and that they will be forced to leave their homes. 

March 22, 2024, Report

EU vote on sustainability law: "Changes the image of Sweden as a leading country"

Julia Carlzon works at Oxfam Sweden. She believes that Sweden's opposition to the EU bill on corporate responsibility worsens the image of Sweden as a leading country in climate and human rights. Photo (left): Alexey Larionov. Source: Unsplash. Image (right): Julia Carlzon.

Of: Fleur Riller Loins

Sweden recently announced that it will vote against the EU bill that will increase companies' responsibility for human rights and the environment, despite the fact that the bill has strong support from both civil society and companies. The bill has now been revised and a vote will take place on Friday. - What Sweden does, other countries listen to, says Julia Carlzon, communicator at Oxfam, about the upcoming vote.

March 14, 2024, Interview