Debaters demand more international cooperation

Dealing with major forest fires and climate change requires more international cooperation, according to several debaters.

Of: Filippa Dyrefors

Many worried voices have been heard in connection with the ongoing fires in Australia and the recent UN climate summit in Madrid. This has given rise to a debate about climate change and who actually bears the ultimate responsibility in global climate work.

January 8, 2020, Current debate

Shaking scenes in Hong Kong worry debaters

Protesters in Hong Kong

The conflict between protesters and the Hong Kong government has escalated over the week. Many protesting students have been imprisoned at a university. Photo: Studio Incendo (CC BY 2.0)

Of: Filippa Dyrefors

The protests in Hong Kong have been going on since March, and this week the conflict between the protesters and the government has escalated. In Sweden, a number of debaters have expressed their concern about the increasingly uncontrolled situation. At the same time, the debate about the Swedish development agency Sida has continued on the opinion pages.

November 20, 2019, Current debate

Coherent voices for international action against Turkey

To protect the Kurds in Syria, Green Youth wants a UN troop to enter the area, under Swedish leadership. Photo: Taylor Mohr

Of: Filippa Dyrefors

The debate over Turkey's offensive in Syria has continued to be intense this week. A number of opinion leaders have commented on the responsibilities of both the UN and the EU, and that Sweden should take a clear position to protect the Kurds. But there are also voices who think that the image of the conflict is misleading.

October 16, 2019, Current debate