Swedish aid in the hot air after reports of corruption

Criticism of Swedish development assistance has been harsh on the opinion pages in the past week. But several have also gone on the defensive.

Of: Erica Fahlström

Revelations about corruption and proposals from the Moderates about a reduced aid budget. This has caused the debate about Swedish aid to be heated in the past week. Criticism about a lack of control is met with arguments that the aid is needed - precisely to fight corruption. "It is simply not the case that countries with lower aid budgets have better aid," writes Anna Tibblin from We Effect in Svenska Dagbladet.

September 11, 2019, Current debate

Cable TV in Somalia will contribute to the global goals

Collaborations between companies and aid actors are an important part of the global goals for sustainable development. The Somali company Horyaal cable TV collaborates with the Swedish organization Forum Syd.

Of: Erica Fahlström

Partnerships between companies and aid actors are a prerequisite for achieving the global goals. But how should poverty reduction, peace and climate issues be part of for-profit companies? Wilo Abdulle, who is participating in Almedalen Week this year, talks about how her company Horyaal cable TV works with the global goals in Somalia.

July 2, 2019, Report

The climate issue takes place in the debate ahead of the EU elections

Is nuclear power a solution for sustaining growth and reducing emissions? It was discussed this week between M and MP. Pixabay photo

Of: Erica Fahlström

How can the EU lead the global climate and environmental work forward? Over the past week, there has been a discussion on, among other things, growth policy versus sustainability, the relationship of climate change to public health, the loss of biodiversity and freedom of the press - and debaters have particularly emphasized the importance of prioritizing these issues in the EU.

May 8, 2019, Current debate

The climate issue is also about global inequality

"Climate change in practice means water change," write debaters in connection with World Water Day, which was March 22.

Of: Erica Fahlström

During the past week, the environment and climate have been a popular topic of debate, together with, among other things, World Water Day and that Swedish trade can promote human rights. Some debaters have highlighted in particular how climate change unfairly affects already vulnerable groups the most, but also how global inequality affects solutions and current climate policy.

March 27, 2019, Current debate