South Korea's feminist struggle is being waged with a pen

South Korea gender roles

In South Korea, there are traditions of a very hierarchical view of gender roles. At the same time, many young South Koreans are challenging the old traditions. Photo: Collage, Sergio and Dconvertini, Flickr.

Of: Elin Haglund

In South Korea, there is strong opposition to gender equality. This is largely due to the hierarchical traditions of ideas that characterize the country's culture, says literary critic and professor Dongshik Kim. Now a new generation with a more modern attitude is taking up the fight, among other things with the help of literature.

October 8, 2019, Report

EU agricultural policy hampers global development

EU agricultural policy contradicts its own poverty reduction assistance targets. Photo: Jed Owen / Unsplash

Of: Elin Haglund

The EU has strong support for its own agriculture and high demands on imported products. This makes it difficult for small-scale farmers around the world to enter the European market. Something that goes against the EU's own aid goals.

July 12, 2019, Report

"The way forward is spelled more cooperation"

Collaborations, technology and a working individual are Annie Lööf's recipes for a safe and sustainable world. Photo: Center Party

Of: Deborah Solomon, Elin Haglund and Louise Christianson

In her Almedal speech, the Center Party's Annie Lööf gave a gloomy picture of the world around her, with insecurity and climate change in focus. But with the help of technology, collaborations and a working individual, much can be improved, she said.

July 5, 2019, Analysis

"Green is not just a color, it is an attitude"

The Green Party's Per Bolund was the first of the party leaders to give his speech in Almedalen. Photo: FUF

Of: Deborah Solomon, Elin Haglund and Louise Christianson

The Green Party was the first to present its party leadership in Almedalen. Biodiversity, consumer culture and extreme weather were recurring themes during the speech. Per Bolund's solution to environmental problems is based on man's ability to change - and a change with the help of the environmental party's policy.

July 1, 2019, Analysis