Poland after the election: The citizens' coalition's turbulent struggle for democracy

Poland is facing a change of government - but the road there is not entirely easy. Pictured: The leaders from the Citizens' Coalition are presented by Donald Tusk, former Prime Minister and President of the European Council (second person from the right). Photo: Club Lewisy. Source: Flickr.

Of: Edwin Borg

In October, the people of Poland voted for the Citizens' Coalition as the winning party. Now the parties, under the leadership of Donald Tusk, aim to end a dark chapter of gradual erosion of the country's democracy. But even if the majority is secured, a complex road ahead awaits with political uncertainty and a struggle for government power against the ruling Law and Justice party.

December 4, 2023, Development magazine explains

Week 47: Black Friday creates divided opinion among debaters

Black Friday has led to debate about both greenhouse gas emissions and the importance of shopping for freedom and democracy. Photo: CC0/. Source: Rawpixel.

Of: Edwin Borg

During the past week, several debaters have raised criticism against Black Friday. Opinions have differed: some criticize consumerism as contributing to both climate change and poor working conditions, while others see it as a class issue. Some also see consumption as something worth celebrating.

November 27, 2023, Current debate

Week 43: Split opinions on Hassler's climate investigation

John Hassler's climate investigation arouses mixed reactions among debaters. Several of them believe, for example, that it is necessary to have national climate targets, alongside the EU's. Photo: Elima Mwinyipembe/Government Office.

Of: Edwin Borg

John Hassler's climate investigation has created shared opinions of svenska discussion and leader pages. Some see it as a possible positive change within climate change, at the same time as the discussion about Sweden's climate goals vis-à-vis the EU's guidelines intensifies - should Sweden have its own climate goals or ska The EU steers the way forward? 

October 30, 2023, Current debate

The UN warns: The world's climate work is not enough

For the first time ever, the UN summarizes the world's climate work - and calls on countries to take more ambitious measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Photo (left): Matt Palmer. Source: Unsplash. Photo (right): The report Global Stocktake's third and final technical dialogue opens at the Bonn Climate Change Conference. Photo: UNclimatechange. Source: Flickr.

Of: Edwin Borg

The countries of the world are far from reaching the goals of the Paris Agreement, and emissions could exceed the interim targets by 40 percent if something is not done immediately. It shows the newly released Global stock roof- the report - in which the UN for the first time ever summarizes the climate work of the world's countries. The report launchesas ahead of the UN climate conference, COP28, to put pressure on the countries of the world to scale up the work against climate change.

October 18, 2023, Development magazine explains