Climate and democracy debate in the wake of Davos

The world's economic and political leaders meet at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. Photo: US Embassy Bern / Eric Bridiers

Of: Christina Arvidsson

This week, the World Economic Forum is being held in Davos, Switzerland. There, some of the world's most influential business leaders and politicians meet to try to solve global problems. Based on the meeting in Davos, several debate articles have discussed both climate policy and the importance of transparency among the power elite.

January 23, 2019, Current debate

Sweden should take responsibility for both Antarctica and its weapons

Where has Sweden's commitment and responsibility for Antarctica taken? several debaters wonder.

Of: Christina Arvidsson

Following the suspected assassination of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashouggi, several debaters are demanding an end to Swedish arms exports to Saudi Arabia. Other debaters wonder where Sweden's commitment and responsibility for Antarctica has gone.

October 24, 2018, Current debate