The development agenda of the future requires more than aid

Of: Charlotte Petri Gornitzka

In a year, the world will have new development goals to eradicate extreme poverty. The months ahead will be marked by negotiations and discussions on content and funding. As a natural part of Sweden's work for a new development agenda, Sida will do everything we can to contribute to the goals being well-balanced, focused and feasible. It writes Charlotte Petri Gornitzka, Page

October 1, 2014, Debate

Nordic gender equality in exports

Of: Charlotte Petri Gornitzka

The fact that women are not allowed to control their own bodies is not only an abuse but also a major obstacle to fighting poverty in the world. Sex education in schools, access to contraception and safe abortions are a matter of course for us in the Nordic countries, but inaccessible to many fellow sisters in the south. Through our own experience, we know that gender equality provides growth and prosperity and now we can share both these experiences and this prosperity through the Swedish gender equality assistance. It writes Charlotte Petri Gornitzka, CEO of Sida

June 12, 2014, Debate

Power in agriculture - a prerequisite for saturating the globe

Of: Charlotte Petri Gornitzka

At the same time as development aid means less and less to more and more countries, development aid still has a role to play in accelerating positive development. It can be about supporting projects such as "Powering Agriculture", which today presents 14 innovations for green energy in agriculture. Not all investments will pay off, but any gold nuggets can have enormous positive consequences for people in developing countries. That is the opinion of Sida's CEO Charlotte Petri Gornitzka

December 11, 2013, Debate

Page replies: We know our mathematics

Of: Charlotte Petri Gornitzka

REPLY Aftonbladet's columnist Lena Mellin draws far too far-reaching conclusions from the National Audit Office's report that almost half of the budget for a project went to the company that was procured to administer the project. The company was procured in competition and the assignment involved more than just administration, Sida's CEO Charlotte Petri Gornitzka replies

April 18, 2013, Debate

Speaking of land focus

Of: Charlotte Petri Gornitzka

In a debate article earlier this week, Sida's Director General Charlotte Petri Gornitzka wrote that Swedish "gift aid" in middle-income countries such as Iraq, Bolivia, Colombia and Guatemala is not necessarily needed. At a public inquiry on Twitter and Facebook, Gornitzka now explains what she meant by the term.

March 1, 2013, Debate