Fast fashion: "Manufacturers should raise the price of clothes"

Fast fashion is often associated with large amounts of waste and negative impact on the environment. But there are several ideas for how the textile industry could become more sustainable. Photo: Bicanski. Source: Pixnio.

Of: Cecilia Bergh and Felizia Livskog

Fast fashion contributes to climate change, pollution and unfair working conditions for those who produce the clothes. Despite that, many people collect new clothes at a furious pace, while the old ones are not too rarely dumped in landfills in Africa or Asia. But with the EU's recently voted textile strategy, this is to change - and fashion companies take more responsibility for clothing production.

July 12, 2023, Report

Muharrem Demirok (C) directs sharp criticism of the government's climate policy

Muharrem Demirok (C) spoke mainly about domestic politics in his Almedal speech, but he also touched on the climate crisis - but mainly with a focus on Sweden. Photo: Felizia Livskog and Cecilia Bergh.

Of: Cecilia Bergh and Felizia Livskog

In his party leadership speech on the Almedalen stage, Muharrem Demirok (C) spoke mainly about domestic policy issues such as Swedish schools and the countryside. Global issues were generally not given much space in his speech, but he devoted part of the speech to criticizing the government's climate policy. 

June 30, 2023, Almedalen - current