Week 18: Several debaters skeptical of Åkesson's criticism of the EU

Jimmie Åkesson (SD) wants to evaluate Sweden's EU membership, which has provoked reactions among debaters on Swedish opinion pages during the past week. Photo: bobsled/Per Pettersson. Source: Flickr.

Of: Cecilia Bergh and Ellinor Berglund

On Tuesday, Aftonbladet published a debate article in which Jimmie Åkesson (SD) writes that there are great reasons to evaluate Sweden's membership in the EU. Since then, this topic has come to dominate debate and editorial pages in several of the media.  

May 8, 2023, Current debate

Week 14: Continued lively debate about Swedish climate policy

During the past week, the debate about Swedish climate policy has continued to occupy a large place among the debate and leader pages. Criticism has been directed at the government, the opposition, authorities and editorial boards. Photo: Unsplash.

Of: Cecilia Bergh and Ellinor Berglund

Climate policy has, as in previous weeks, continued to influence the Swedish opinion pages as well under the material moisture meter shows you the walked weekn. Among other things, the government has been allowed to continue harsh criticism from the opposition for not doing enough to reduce climate-damaging emissions. Also Dagens Nyheter's editorial staff, the Public Health Agency and the opposition have been criticized by this week's editorial writers and debaters.  

April 11, 2023, Current debate

Week 9: Debaters discuss support for Ukraine and Sweden's climate transition

During the past week, debaters have, among other things, propagated for increased EU support to Moldova, which is the country, outside of Ukraine, that is most affected by Russia's war of invasion. Photo: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. Source: Wikimedia commons.

Of: Cecilia Bergh and Ellinor Berglund

During the past week, the focus has been on Ukraine among the majority of debaters on Swedish opinion pages. Sweden's climate transition and whether or not the obligation to reduce has also been discussed with clear differences in the opinions of the debaters.  

March 6, 2023, Current debate