A day for volunteering

Refugee crises around the world have made several children vulnerable as they have been forced to move from the country where they were born. Photo: Trocaire / Wikimedia Commons

Of: Carlos Ranero

Currently, there are almost 50 million children that have been forced to leave their country of origin. This has prompted different organizations such as Save the Children to establish various programs to help them during their migration. Some of these programs focus on helping the children to have a better time while they wait for […]

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June 1, 2020, Chronicle, English, Magazine

The fight for reproductive rights in Mexico

“La Marea Verde” is a women reproductive rights movement that started in 2018 in Argentina. It has spread almost everywhere in the Latin American region, from Santiago de Chile to Mexico City. Photo: Danielle Lupine, Flickr

Of: Carlos Ranero

In 1993, the femicide of 13-year-old Alma Chavira Farel was reported to the police by Ciudad Juarez. This report marked the beginning of an investigation that discovered “Las Muertas de Juarez” (The Dead Women of Juarez) and that brought to light the violence that women suffer in Mexico. This situation incited the women to mobilize […]

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January 31, 2020, Chronicle, English, Magazine

In the wake of the movie ROMA

An elderly woman in domestic work, Mexico. Photo: Lorna Brooks, Flickr.

Of: Carlos Ranero and Charlotte German

The film ROMA portrays the life of an indigenous woman in Mexico and has sparked a debate about the working conditions for indigenous domestic workers in the country. Discrimination, violence and no working security are some of the risks that make up the daily work life for many of the marginalized women.

April 9, 2019, English, Magazine