Reply: Serious shortcomings in the global handling of Ebola

Of: Björn Ekman

Sida's claim that the Global Fund's and GAVI's efforts would be “well integrated in the recipient countries 'health systems where the starting point is the countries' own needs and priorities” lacks strong support. These and other major donors have built up special systems for HIV / AIDS support, which are separate from the countries' own systems. The donors have not done enough to increase the effectiveness of aid or reduce the burden of aid on the recipient countries, Björn Ekman writes in a reply.

November 4, 2014, Debate

The Ebola epidemic is a sign of failed health care

Of: Björn Ekman

The parallel, bureaucratic structures that have emerged in international health assistance mean that the support of the outside world can be directly detrimental to the recipient countries' conditions for development. No more fragmented efforts are needed to deal with the Ebola epidemic, efforts based on knowledge and needs are needed. That is the opinion of Björn Ekman, a researcher at Lund University

October 28, 2014, Debate