Dare to invest aid in strengthening institutions

Government Offices in Rosario, Philippines.

Supporting countries' public institutions can be an important path to development, the debaters write. Here are some public offices in Rosario, Philippines. Photo: Ramon FVelasquez (CC-3.0)

Of: Bertil Odén and Lennart Wohlgemuth

Strengthening the knowledge level of low-income countries in both private and public institutions is an important way of creating development. Despite this, this type of assistance has been given less and less space. Now we must dare to invest in capacity and institution building - even if it is difficult, write the development experts Bertil Odén and Lennart Wohlgemuth.

October 26, 2018, Debate

Sweden and the challenges for EU development cooperation

Of: Bertil Odén

Sweden's new government should work to get more Swedes in key positions in the EU Commission and to strengthen the EU's foreign administration's focus on dealing with both the global challenges and the effects that EU policy has on areas other than development cooperation. That is the opinion of Bertil Odén, a writer with long experience of development aid and development issues.

October 8, 2014, Debate

Some strategic choices for Swedish development assistance

Of: Bertil Odén

How should Sweden relate to the international development trends? What happens to the recipient countries' influence in times of increased performance management? Should Sweden provide assistance to dictatorship regimes? The inherent conflicts of interest in the policy pursued must be discussed and choices made, Bertil Odén writes.

July 2, 2012, Debate

Minister for Development Aid and budget support

Of: Bertil Odén

Without budget support, Sweden refrains from important opportunities to contribute to the positive effects that evaluations show that the form of support has when it is not overloaded with too many short-term requirements. At the same time, the criteria for budget support cannot be quantified without unreasonable simplifications - for example, where is the approved level of adequate democracy and respect for human rights? Instead of giving up, the Minister for Development Aid should explain what results have actually been achieved and simplify the regulations, writes Bertil Odén.

February 28, 2012, Debate

How commercial export business in the 1970s in Africa was transformed into "budget support" for Sweden in 2011

Of: Bertil Odén

This summer, there has been a debate about the fact that write-offs of overdue but unpaid loans to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Togo will reduce the development assistance budget by the corresponding amount, in this case just over SEK XNUMX billion. How did this reduction in the development aid budget actually go? Bertil Odén leaves here his picture of the step-by-step transformation.

August 24, 2011, Debate