Participation and inclusion lay the foundation for a lasting peace

Representatives of Afro-Colombian organizations in Colombia.

Civil society must be involved in the peace process in order to achieve lasting peace. Here, Afro-Colombian organizations participate in the peace process in Colombia. Photo: US Institute of Peace

Of: Annika Schabbauer and Lovisa Dahlström

To create a lasting peace, it is important to engage people in civil society. Together, we must then create channels so that participation takes root in national politics. This is how sustainable peace is built, by listening to those affected, write Annika Schabbauer and Lovisa Dahlström from the organization Operation 1325.

October 23, 2018, Debate

Sweden - back up political will with SRHR money!

Of: Anneli Rogeman, Annika Schabbauer, Annika Forests, Birgitta Göranson-Iliste, Bo Forsberg, Cecilia Chatterjee-Martinsen, Erik Lysén, Gabi Björsson, Kristina Henschen, Lisa Sjöblom, Lotta Sjöström Becker, Luis Lineo, Maria Andersson and Marianne Eriksson

President Donald Trump's reintroduction of the Global Gag Rule means that much of America's maternal health assistance is frozen - something that will affect those living in poverty the most. It risks significantly increasing the number of unwanted pregnancies and leading to the deaths of thousands of girls and women around the world. Now Sweden and the outside world must cover for the reduced aid. Therefore, 14 organizations in CONCORD Sweden's gender equality working group call on the government and the Riksdag to add new money to the spring budget.

February 23, 2017, Debate