Increased support for food production is vital

Jamia Salimo: It's expensive to be poor. People in poor countries are forced to spend most of their income on food, and yet it is not enough. Farmer Jamia Salimo in Mozambique has just bought soap, salt and cooking oil. Photo: Edson Artur.

Of: Anna Tibblin and Eva Åberg

More people are at risk of starvation than of Covid-19 globally. The world is facing the worst hunger crisis in 50 years - at the same time, only 2,6 percent of Swedish aid goes to agriculture in poor countries. In order to avoid a hunger pandemic, and in general to succeed in achieving the UN's sustainability goal of eradicating world hunger, we must increase our agricultural aid and support for sustainable food production.

January 29, 2021, Debate

Inequality is about life and death

In Guatemala, women in agriculture often lack formal ownership of the land they cultivate. This means that they are less able to make investments and plan to adapt to climate change. Pictured are women from the Madre Tierra agricultural cooperative. Photo: Jesper Klemedsson

Of: Anders Lago, Anna Tibblin, Britta von Schoultz, Erica Lundgren, Helen Persson, Lotta Folkesson and Tommy Ohlström

Stupid, said the UN Secretary-General recently, about inequality in the world. He's right. Lack of respect for women's rights is one reason why women die in the fight for their land and against climate change. Sweden must push for women's democratic rights, writes the aid organization We Effects' board.

March 9, 2020, Debate