Increased inequality in the world has aroused debate about Sweden's development assistance


Electrification can be the key to achieving most of the goals in Agenda 2030, according to this week's debaters, when the focus is on inequality in the world.

Of: Amanda Wibne Romild

Last week, the UN Development Program (UNDP) published a report on human development, which begins with “Inequality. Evidence is everywhere ”. This has resulted in this week's debate focusing on the causes of inequalities and demands for change in Swedish development aid policy.

December 17, 2019, Current debate

Criticism of aid continues on Swedish opinion pages

In recent months, Sida and Swedish development assistance have received harsh criticism on Swedish opinion pages.

Of: Amanda Wibne Romild

The debate about corruption and poor control of Swedish development assistance continues in Swedish newspapers. Svenska dagbladet's guest writer demands an aid preparation and the Sweden Democrats demand clearer demands for aid recipients. At the same time, other debaters are expressing concern about increased opposition to sexual rights in many countries around the world.

November 14, 2019, Current debate

Debaters demand that the outside world stand up for the Kurds in Syria

Several debaters think that Sweden and the EU must support the Kurdish groups in northern Syria. Not least after Turkey's threat of an offensive. Photo: Kurdishstruggle (CC BY 2.0)

Of: Amanda Wibne Romild

This week, US President Trump has decided to withdraw his forces from Syria. At the same time, he gave the go-ahead for Turkish forces to launch an offensive. Something that has aroused a lot of debate on Swedish opinion pages. This is a great betrayal on the part of the United States, say this week's debaters who want the outside world to stand up for the Kurds in northern Syria.

October 9, 2019, Current debate