We need to listen to the stories that migrants carry

Vivian Ntih came from Nigeria to Spain 20 years ago. In the UNDP report, she says that she went through hell in Europe. Her daughters, Mari Mensah Damson and Elizabeth, were born in Spain. Photo: UNDP

Of: Achim Steiner

Every year, hundreds of thousands of migrants come to Europe without a permit. They all carry important stories of driving forces, fears and development. Our new report shows, among other things, that "nothing" could have stopped most of them from traveling, writes Achim Steiner on the UN's development program UNDP.

November 6, 2019, Debate

The Caribbean needs support after all the hurricanes

Of: Achim Steiner and Irwin LaRocque

Several powerful hurricanes wreaked havoc in many Caribbean countries. What we previously experienced as extreme weather is becoming more and more normal. The Caribbean must now receive support for climate adaptation and reconstruction. The situation is urgent, writes Caribbean Community President Irwin LaRocque and the head of the UN Development Program, Achim Steiner.

November 21, 2017, Debate